Managament Consultancy To Companies And Individuals

How we support our consultantsAfter being on the market for over twenty years, in those twenty years we have never advertised ourselves through any internet media. With this being the first time, we would like to point out that our consultant base has exclusively grown over the years by word of mouth and recommendations given by our consultants and the Agencies that we are associated with.

We hold this fact very dearly and always strive to provide an even better service for our consultants. In order to do this, we have also established our own site and in the text below we will illustrate to you, the consultant, on how we can support you in case you have not heard of us.

  • The main question on each consultants mind is salary. Our first advantage in this field is that we run payroll solutions worldwide, combine this with an effective banking system and a highly trained staff, this is a perfect combination.
  • We pay to consultants on the same day as the value date of the incoming funds and each consultant gets a confirmation of payment and a chart where they can see the charges and how much they are expected to receive. We strive to make things clear for the consultant, so that every charge is expressed clearly and in case there are any queries, our highly trained staff will sort out any issues.
  • As mentioned above, charges are clearly expressed upon dealing with the consultant. For your reference they are the following:
  1. 1% Commission on the invoiced amount
  2. Fixed administrative expense of 5 EUR ( other currencies counter value will be shown)
  3. Incoming Bank Charges ( charges when funds are received from the Agency)
  4. Outgoing Bank Charges ( charges when funds are sent over to the consultants account)

Therefore a highly trained staff  ready to respond  to consultants questions, an efficient banking system enabling payroll worldwide and clearly expressed charges which hold outmost importance for each consultant are something that we offer and have been doing for more than twenty years, our track record speaks for itself.

When it comes to the documentation that the consultant needs to provide, please see below:

  1. Agreement signed between the consultant and our company, this is a document confirming that you agree to our costs of service.
  2. Tax Statement where you will confirm by signing that any personal tax or social contributions responsibilities that you may have are to be handled by you.
  3. Passport copy
  4. Bank details, please note that payments to more than one account can be made and split solutions could be handled.

Upon receiving the Contract from your Agency and once your Contract has been processed by our Contracts department, this documentation above  is sent over very quickly via e-mail to you, it is also clearly shown in the attachments that we send out to you. This makes it very easy for you to see which documents you need to fill out and the process is quickly completed once you send us back this documentation. Please kindly take note that we need to have all your documentation complete in order to process your payments.

Over the past years we have also tried to diversify and not only aim to support our consultants through payroll solutions worldwide, but also to handle the field of compliance. Compliance is also a worry for the consultants as they need to be registered in the project country that they are in, our compliance partner EXP International Systems Ltd.  can enable solutions across many countries in the world. This has also improved our competitive advantage and we are happy to say that we can support our consultants not only in terms of payments but also in terms of compliance when they need help registering in a foreign country in which they do not know the rules and regulations, to us this is a massive satisfaction.

Over the years, as Agencies and the market adapted our pro-active approach allowed us to quickly adjust. Due to requests regarding medical & travel insurance by some of our Agency partners, we have found a solution and offer such medical insurance & travel policies through EVASAN Travel Insurance which is a Swiss-based insurance house.