Financial department

Jelena Rajnović

Despite a relative late start-up date to her professional career, Jelena has clearly demonstrated that it is never late to make a change in your life. After finishing her full-scale training, she became right-hand lady to Ruzica in the Financial Department. Still to this day she carries this title. Her diligence, financial expertise and persistence allow her to deal with the most complex financial solutions that need to be made for the successful running of the company.
Jelena graduated from one of the leading High Schools in Belgrade – scientific curriculum. As she lived very close to the municipal pool, from her very early years, she started training as a free style swimmer. She nearly made it to the Olympics.
However, she did not stop her interest in swimming after all these years and from 2013. she is a member of Master Swimming Club. Along with this she regularly attends swimming competitions in Serbia and abroad where her collection of medals is something that most swimmers would be jealous of.

Tamara Jakšić

Tamara is with our company since February 2011. She successfully completed her studies at John Naisbitt University where she was studying Executive Management at the Business school. Over these six years she has learned a lot and become a new force in the finance department of Hecuba, she now has much more responsibility in the financial department and provides overwhelming support to Ruzica and Jelena in this very important sector of the company. She is seen as a very promising young employee with strong numerical understanding and great potential managing the financial logistics of not only straight through payroll projects but also complex cases of compliance projects that Hecuba also handles. Besides and apart from being fluent in English, Tamara is currently learning the Greek language and history through our Company scholarship.


Ana Jakšić

Ana joined our company in October 2014. After completing her training, she now provides support to our Contract Department and valuable assistance to our Financial Department. She, like her sister Tamara, graduated Executive Management at John Naisbitt University. She is fluent in English language and she is currently learning Spanish at “Cervantes” Institute with scholarship from our company. Ana is diligent, pays attention to detail and has over this short period of time developed the skills which are necessary for managing her workload in both the contracts and finance department. Her fluency in Spanish will be an added bonus to our company in the years to come and Ana will undoubtedly form a big part of our team in the future.